Waterproof, scratch proof vinyl stickers. Available in all shapes and sizes, you can even design your own “slap sticker” and “round stickers” with our design online web app here.

Prices are £25 for 1m square of unlaminated print and cut to shape stickers (laminated would be an extra £5). How many you get depends on what size you want them, 10cm round stickers taking into account space between each of them would get you 90 stickers costing 27p each.

Standard stickers are printed onto a white base vinyl with a clear glue, Other options are clear vinyl, grey backed white vinyl stickers for blocking out what is beneath and security stickers that break up when peeled off. We offer discounts for bulk orders and are happy to advise on which material will suit you.

Finally we off vinyl decals. Starting at £20 for 100cm x 50cm decals are cut from a single sheet of colour vinyls. These are perfect for shop signs and windows, BIG and BOLD is best as small details and complex designs are hard to cut and install.




Decals are great for van graphics and are easy to install. We can help design DIY van kits from £50 or if you would prefer we can design and install ourselves. Prices start at £175 for a small van or simple design on a medium van. Drop us a message for more details to

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